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Medical Corps Potassium Iodate 90 Tablets (85MG) for Nuclear fallout poisoning protection

During a Nuclear disaster or attack, large amounts of radioactive iodine (I-131) are often released into the atmosphere. Taking Potassium Iodide (or Potassium Iodate) pills can protect against radioactive poisoning by "filling" the thyroid with this harmless substance.

Potassium Iodate (KIO3) is a superior form of KI and manufactured only by Medical Corps. Potassium Iodate will shield (or block) the Thyroid and prevent it from absorbing radioactive Iodine.

• Each factory-sealed bottle contains 90 fresh tablets of Potassium Iodate 85 mg.

• Because of the extra molecule of oxygen in Iodate, the shelf life of Potassium Iodate 85 mg is exceptional.

• Medical Corps recommends that each family member should have at least one bottle in their kit. Youngsters are extremely susceptible
to thyroid cancer after exposure to radioactive contamination.

• Unlike other blockers, Medical Corps’ stock is NOT government surplus 130-mg tablets of KI (potassium iodide).

The latest news indicates that Nuclear Power plants, over 100 in our country, are at risk from a terrorist attack. A radiation leak from any one of these plants could be carried downwind for hundreds of miles, potentially poisoning thousands or even millions of people in large population areas. Unfortunately, a Nuclear Power Plant has over 100 times more radioactive materials than an Atomic Bomb, which can be released as fallout. One of the most abundant components released is Radioactive Iodine 131 that is then carried downwind for hundreds of miles. Thyroid cancer attributable to Chernobyl has been documented more than 300 miles from the accident site.

Very small amounts of inhaled or ingested Radioactive Iodine can do serious damage because it will always be absorbed and held in the thyroid gland. Eventually, by absorbing a large amount of radiation in the thyroid, abnormalities are likely to result, such as nodules in the thyroid, loss of thyroid function, or thyroid cancer. Taking Potassium Iodate (KIO3™) in the event of fallout will saturate a person’s thyroid gland with stable ("good") iodine, so the Radioactive Iodine cannot be absorbed by the thyroid. Because the thyroid is saturated with the "good" Iodine, then any Radioactive Iodine that is later inhaled or ingested is quickly eliminated by the body.

Potassium Iodate (KIO3™) is now being stockpiled by many government agencies.

This product for use during a NUCLEAR EMERGENCY ONLY



    What to do In a Nuclear Emergency

   With eyes to see and ears to hear - let us conduct Ourselves accordingly.

Radiation Contamination Protection

We’ve all seen pictures of a nuclear weapon when it explodes.

It produces blast, heat, hard radiation, blinding light and fallout. A nuclear power plant, if breached or melts down, will throw tons of radioactive fallout into the air.

A dirty bomb produces some of the same, but it is not a true nuclear weapon, it is a radiation debris weapon.

he fallout from any of these events is extremely hazardous and will cause long-term health effects and/or death.

Radioactive materials of “fallout” will be like dust or a gas. You cannot see the radiation, but it is there. It will get in your open food, water, clothes, skin, lungs and eyes just like any fine dust.

How You Can Limit Contamination

  • Cover your mouth and nose with a mask or cloth.
  • Get out of the immediate area as quickly as possible.
  • Go inside the nearest safe house or building where you can shelter.

Before entering any sheltering place, remove the outer layer of your clothing and drop it on the ground.

If possible, place the clothing in a plastic bag, trashcan or an area such as the corner of a garage. Never touch the clothing again and keep people or pets away from it.

Decontaminate immediately

You can remove much of the radioactive material on you before entering a shelter by just using a garden hose. Even a bucket of water poured over your body will help.

After entering a shelter, wash all of your body using lots of lukewarm water and soap.The first part of the shower should be with your undergarments still on.

While you are still bathing, drop the undergarments in a trash bag. When you are finished washing off, you can put the bag of wet garments in an unused part of the shelter. Never touch the bag again.

The safest place

The safest place in your home during a radiation emergency is a centrally located room or basement.

This place should have as few windows as possible. The radiation “rays” outside are like light and will pass through glass.

This is KIO3. It can help protect you.

If there's a "nuclear event," and you're down-wind, you need to take KIO3 or KI before the radioactive plume reaches you.

If you don't have KIO3 or KI at the time of the event, then it's probably too late.


Authorities may evacuate you either temporarily or for long term. Authorities may be able to clean up Dirty Bomb material.

However, if you are down wind from a burning Nuclear Power Plant, you will be evacuated and you will not be going back to the area.


If you are sheltering in place and in your safe room, you must refresh your air supply every 2 to 3 hours, otherwise it is possible to suffocate. The door to your inner room may be opened for a few minutes so fresh air will enter. When doing this, wear your scarf or mask.

Make sure that you have no open food or exposed dishes. If there is a shower in the room with you, you should turn it on before the door is opened and leave it on until the door is closed.

This provides a moisture shield which will help keep radioactive contaminates or chemicals or biologicals at a minimum.


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