Q: Why can’t I wrap the electronic devices in plastic wrap, then tin foil, then plastic, and a final wrap of tin foil to get the same protect (or place them in a plastic trash bag and inside a metal garbage can)?

Ans:  YOU CAN! It won't meet the military specification. However, most experts believe it will work. If you intend to use the device on a frequent or infrequent basis you will love just opening a zip lock to get your hardware! Foil tears easily. This material features an incredible 38-pound puncture resistance, which also provides superior drop test performance. You won't find a better Faraday Bag on the market!

Q: What’s at risk with an EMP event for Solar or Terrorist weapon?

Ans:  I've tried to read everything I can about this from the leading experts. The problem is... We don't know what we don't know! We've never experience anything like what we are preparing for. Even the experts in this science with location (height over our nation), yield (size of weapon), and models from former government test by the US and USSR can only speculate. The reason? We live in a completely different electronic society than we did in the 1960's! All the experts agree it's just a question of when and not if, before we see a solar storm of a Category 5 (1859 like event). However, again it's speculation on what and how much we will be effected for the same reasons above. I for one so hope I can look at these bags in 30 years and say we never needed them. I hope to say the same thing about auto, fire and wife's life insurance!

Q: What is an EMP?

Ans:  In simple terms, that I can understand, an Electro Magnetic Pulse is a release of energy or current that is trying to find a way to “ground”. As it races through the atmosphere towards earth (because of the magnetic field around the earth), it travels along the “path of least resistance” to ground. Electric overhead power lines act like antennas to attract the current because of its long wave length. The electromagnetic current that enters our power distribution system is expected to damage or destroy transformers and equipment meant to regulate the power lines. All other devices that are exposed (not stored in a protective device like a Faraday bag or cage) will also have the current travel across it’s circuitry with the potential to damage or destroy.

Q: What is a Solar Storm?

Ans:  With what I believe to be a higher probability of occurrence than an EMP, is a solar storm or sun flare that would overpower nature’s magnetic field around the earth. That Magnetic field has protected us so well over the past 151 years. Yes, 151 years. It was 1859 when the last Solar Storm occurred that was so powerful that it destroyed major sections of ALL of our electronic components at that time (very small compared to today). This was only few power lines and most of the telegraph systems in our Northern Hemisphere. What a different way of life we live now as compared to 1859. Do we understand that none of our electronic systems or markets has ever been tested against this natural occurrence? Did you know that almost nothing has been designed to survive a natural occurrence like this? Consider what is at risk from North going South as this energy would dissipate. Electric overhead power lines become antenna’s to attract the pulse, burning transformers to controls on an old and overloaded system. All of our communication systems, wired and wireless are at significant risk. Control systems that move inventory through our transportation systems are all at risk. Even our railroads are controlled by a new level of technology we’ve not had in the past. Banking and managing our markets on Wall Street are all centralized in the North.

Q: Why a faraday bag if everything is going to be destroyed anyway?

Ans:  We don't know how extensive damage may be. What we do know is we WILL rebuild! You do want your files, pictures, and survival information. If you don't mind being on a waiting list for electronic purchases (a new phone, laptop, or any other electronic device) and recreating all your information, after the towers are back up, then don't buy a bag! The cost is so small compared to value of hardware and especially the data. The bag will also protect devices from other elements like water, dirt and dust (in your back pack or case).


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