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Ready Made "Bug Home" Bag - Free Shipping
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~ Ready Made "Bug Home" Bag ~

***For Auto, Home or Office***


Ready Made Resources presents our all new "Bug Home" Bag for those unexpected emergencies when you must “bug home” or "bug out". Compact and complete, this pack weighs under 17 lbs (with water weight) and is perfect to store in your auto, office, school or whenever you need to "grab and go". Now you can rest assured that when calamity strikes, you will not be scrambling about for your last minute supplies to survive.

This pack is complete and includes enough food to last for three days (5,550 calories), Camel-back reservoir and water bottle large enough to hold two days worth the water (90 fluid ounces), emergency bivy and tube tent for shelter, fire starter, basic first aid kit, wind up radio/flashlight/NOAA weather radio with cell phone charger,  paracord, sliding camp saw, Leatherman and so much more! (see complete list below). Makes a great Birthday or Christmas gift, so reserve yours now!


 Ready Made “Bug Home” Bag Contents:

1) Lucky Bum Tracker-25 Backpack (Choose between Real Tree & Army Camo)

3) Mountain House Pro-Pak Dinner Entrees

2) Mainstay 2400 Calorie Bars

4) G-2 Glacier Freeze Electrolyte Packs

1) Camel-back 70 Oz. Reservoir

1) Camel-back Groove 20 Oz. Water Bottle

1) Space Saver Cup

1) Camper’s Knife / Fork / Spoon Combo

1) SOL Emergency Bivy

1) Two-Person Tube Tent

1) Wind N’ Go Ultralight AM/FM/NOAA Weather Radio & Flashlight

1) 7-1 Adventure Tool (whistle, mirror, compass, time, led light, 2x magnifier, temperature)

1) Leatherman Micra-Green Tool

1) Gerber’s Sliding Camp Saw

2) Coglan’s Snapstick Lightsticks

1) Hothands Pack of Two

2) Instant Cold Packs

1) Natrapel Insect Repellant

1) Corete Outdoor Skin Protection Kit

1) Mini First Aid Kit

1) Cathole Trowel

1) Para-Cord Zipper Pull

1) Black Para-Cord 50’

1) Sparkie Fire Starter w/ Tinder

1) Tinder in Waterproof Survival Tin

1) Oval Straight Carabineer


***Some items may be subject to substitution (of equal value) due to availability.




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