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 Revolutionary New Hemostat controls life-threatening bleeding fast!

CELOX – A Granular Hemostat

CELOX (pronounced Cell Locks
) is a revolutionary new hemostat. It works independently of normal blood clotting factors. CELOX is a blend of ingredients which includes Chitosan.

Simple and safe to use. CELOX granules quickly controls severe arterial bleeding. Just pour it in, pack it, and apply pressure. No additional specific training is required.

CELOX is Not Exothermic; will not burn the victim or caregiver. It is FDA approved and non-toxic.  Other great benefits: CELOX works in hypothermic conditions and clots Heparinized blood (i.e. blood containing anti-coagulants such as many painkillers). CELOX is safe to use for the entire body including head, neck and chest wounds.

Most importantly, CELOX can be used instantly and without hesitation as a fast, safe and simple emergency treatment for serious bleeding. For yourself or for others, on the job or on the battlefield, CELOX is an easy, quick way to save lives.

When Seconds Count . . . .

Average Time to Clot Whole Blood:
30.5 Seconds
Average Time to Clot Heparinized Blood:
48 Seconds
Average Time to Clot Extreme Cold Blood: 68.65° F: 25.5 Seconds

     Industry wound model: Complete sever of Femoral Artery. 6 subjects: 100% Survived.  With an average MAP of 71.8, No Re-bleeding occurred, even after Severe Agitation.

For Bleeding Emergencies / Apply to chest, head and neck wounds / Controls severe arterial bleeding / Clots Heparinized Blood / Use in Extreme Cold Temperatures / No Heat, No Exothermic Reaction / CELOX covers the wound / Can rapidly add granules to wound.

An immediate, safe and reliable product / Versatile / Helps reduce risk of shock and tissue damage / Works on blood containing heparin / Works in hypothermic conditions / Will not cause burns to victim or caregiver / Helps protect the wound and easy to clean out / No careful measuring or application needed.

How Celox Works.

Celox granules are actually very high surface area flakes. When they come in contact with blood, Celox swells, gels, and sticks together to make a gel like clot.

Celox Flakes Close-Up

Celox stops bleeding by bonding with red blood cells and gelling with fluids to produce a sticky pseudo clot. This clot sticks well to moist tissue to plug the bleeding site.

Celox does not set off the normal clotting cascade, it only clots the blood it comes directly into contact with.

Celox’s mode of action has a number of big benefits:

  • Celox’s™ clotting ability has been proven to work in the presence of common anti-coagulants such as warfarin …
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  • Celox’s™ clotting ability has been proven to work in the presence of heparin
    Read more
  • Celox’s™ rapidly clots hypothermic (cold) blood
    Read more

Celox™ is made with chitosan, a natural polysaccharide. Chitosan has a known metabolic pathway. That means any left in the body is broken down by the bodies normal enzymes and converted into materials normally present in the body.

Chitosan is digested by lysozyme , a human enzyme which is present is tears, saliva and mucus. It breaks down to give glucosamine a sugar already present in the body and helps lubricate joints. Reference (Int. J. Biol. Macromol., 1992, Vol 14 August).



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