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System will operate any common household appliances as well as heavy duty shop equipment such as large air compressors, chop saws, table saws, radial arm saws, etc.

*For comparison, the battery stores twice as much power as the Solar Generator marketed on TV which retails for $2000.  Our panel produces 1.5 times the power.   The inverter output is twice as much.

This system is a serious challenger to existing products in its class.


How does this apply to the Solar Kaddy 135?

The battery stores power…a total of 1320 watts (12 volts x 110 amps).  It is the foundation of the system.

Although a deep cycle battery can be completely discharged to zero before recharge, it is best to avoid going below 50% before recharging to prolong battery life.  (An occasional total discharge is no big deal.)  The Solar Kaddy 135 battery stores 1320 watts of power….so a 50% discharge would be 660 watts of power regularly available.

The Solar Panel produces 135 watts (per hour).  A battery 50% discharged would take the 135 watt panel 4.9 hours (660 / 135 = 4.9) to fully recharge in full sunlight.

The Inverter produces 1600 watts (per hour).  A 100 watt light bulb can be operated for 6.6 hours (660 watts total) before draining a fully charged battery halfway.  A 1200 watt hairdryer could be operated for 33 minutes before draining a fully charged battery halfway.  The 1600 watt inverter allows one to operate several electrical products at the same time – or devices drawing large amounts of power.

With a 135 watt panel in full sunlight…and operating a device drawing 135 watts of power or less, the battery would never be discharged since the amount of power being drawn out of the system is the same or less than the power being put in.


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