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DeWalt Camo Case 400 Watt Hand Crank Bike Generator  FREE SHIPPING
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DeWalt Camo Case 400 Watt Hand Crank


Bike Generator



This DeWalt CAMO Case model includes a 200 watt power inverter and a battery voucher worth $35.00. What does that mean? These units are ready to make DC, and 120 volt AC power "Right out of the box".

Our most frequent question: What's the difference between our generators and the small "hand held" units selling for about $60.00?.. Answer: There is no comparison! Our generators Make and Store 120 volt current that will operate key household appliances, in a power failure or emergency. This is power you can take anywhere. Small hand held units are limited to charging cell phones and ipads.

Are you prepared for the next Natural or Man Made disaster? Most people wait until it's too late to own a "Fuel-Less" power source. DO NOT put your faith in a gasoline generator! They're fine for a few hours, but what if the power stays off for days or weeks? There will be NO WAY to find gasoline to refuel your generator. What if you live in an apartment or condo? Gasoline generators are impossible for you folks. You will have no way to operate cell phones, HAM radios, CB's and communication equipment. Batteries, candles and flashlights WILL NOT be found ANYWHERE! You won't have any way to operate household appliances, lights, or even open a can of soup. Don't put yourself or your family in this horrible situation.

In a disaster situation, a "Human Powered" generator is the only way your family will have Sustained power to operate Regular 120 volt household appliances. Wind generators and solar panels will not get the job done. They are better than nothing, but very impractical. For instance: What if you must evacuate your home? You can't put a wind generator or a solar panel in the trunk of your car. Solar panels don't work at night, or when it's raining. Wind generators simply don't work most of the time. They are impossible for residents of apartments and condo's to own, where almost 50% of us now live!




The Crank a Watt(TM) Emergency Generator keeps your battery charged every time you crank the handle. It will also charge a seperate bank of 12 or 24 volt batteries. These premium units have WAY MORE uses than the small hand held wind-up chargers.

It never needs to be plugged into a wall outlet. Popular "jump start" units must be plugged in after every use, making them very limited in a power outage. The Crank a Watt(TM) is always ready for any emergency.

Attention Preppers! If you're looking for a product that makes electricity without using the sun, wind or gasoline, the Crank a Watt(TM) is a perfect choice. It makes power indoors or out..... Silently!

Special Note: When the power grid fails, so do the gasoline pumps. There is no way to refuel your car. If you've planned ahead, and own a golf cart or battery operated vehicle for transportation, the Crank a Watt(TM) is the perfect tool for keeping your batteries charged.

Watch the Crank-a-Watt(TM) in action. This is the perfect "human powered" survival generator

Works indoors or out, in any temperature, rain or shine. Lifetime warranty on generator section

The first things to disappear from store shelves in an emergency are food, flashlights, batteries, candles, fuel and generators!

Using the bike attachment you can get some exercise and keep batteries charged for emergencies at the same time!

Crank-a-Watt(TM) is the ultimate portable "Human Powered Magneto Generator" for any emergency or survival situation. It's the only human powered generator that combines both a hand crank and bike attachment. Easily adapts to most existing bike stands and trainers... Bike stand not included... Needs no wind, sun or gasoline to make instant power anytime, anywhere. Use the crank handle to generate power, or let your bicycle do the work. The case includes plenty of room for battery storage, power inverter and other supplies. The entire unit is easy to carry. Just pick it up and go. You can charge an onboard battery at home, then transport the entire case to your car, classroom, friends house, boat, campsite etc.

Crank-a-Watt(TM) Features:

Includes a 200 watt power inverter and battery voucher worth $35.00 at Homer Depot. Make 120 volt power, right out of the box!

Patent Pending combo hand crank, bike pedal generator

Ideal for first reponders, keeps police and fire fighters radios charged and ready

Supplies power for "ham" radio operators in a power failure

The perfect "preppers" tool for instant electricity

All units Made In USA by Moeller Engineering, since 1959

Lifetime Warranty on generator. The generator will never wear out

Instant power anytime, anywhere, simply by cranking the handle or pedaling

400 watts max. wattage output

High amp generator design

On board battery and inverter storage

Weather resistant case with handle

Virtually indestructible "permanent magnet" design

Light weight, easy to transport. Pick it up and go!

Uses: Charging batteries (12 or 24 volts) and operating 120 volt a/c appliances. Be prepared if the power grid goes down! Charge cell phones, lap top computers, rechargable flashlights, tv's, ham radios, Ipads, boat batteries, power drills, walkie-talkies, water pumps for wells and cisterns. Operates standard household appliances.

Where to use: At home, college dorm rooms, tornado shelters, high rise apartment buildings, boating, camping, hiking, motorhomes, RV's, motorists, anywhere power is needed without the fumes and danger of gasoline powered generators.

More on Survival generators: If you become stranded in a car, at home, on a boat, or anywhere else, it's necessary to have some electrical power. If the power grid goes down, wind-up flashlights and radios are fine, but they don't make electricity for other things like communication and household appliances! Because it's made with permanent magnets, the manufacturer includes a lifetime warranty on this generator. It will work just as well 100 years from now as it does today. Permanent magnets are made from Rare Earth Minerals that never wear out.

Patents Pending Presto Wind(TM) Products. Made in USA by Moeller Engineering, since 1959. We rigorously enforce all patent infringments. And we really mean it!


Crank-a-Watt(TM)) operating instructions: *You will need an Allen wrench to tighten the pulleys, and an adjustable wrench for the drive handle. Caution: do not allow children to operate without suprevision! You must allow a break-in period for the unit to turn easier!

For Hand Cranking
1- Unpack the product outdoors and place it on a flat, level surface. Inspect the contents of the generator for damage.
2- Thread the 4" black drive handle onto the 14" pulley bolt. The handle bolt is already installed on the 14" pulley. Hand tighten only. Use the adjustable wrench if the bolt becomes loose. Slide the 3/4 inch drive shaft into the bearings. You may need to loosten the bearings to make this alignment easier.
3- Install the 14" pulley on the 3/4" drive shaft. Applying a very thin coat of Vaseline or lubricant to the drive shaft will make the pulley easier to install. You will need an Allen wrench. *Do not fully tighten the pulley yet!
4- Install the 3" adjustable pulley on the generator shaft using an Allen wrench. Applying a very thin coat of Vaseline or lubricant to the shaft will make the pulley easier to install. *Do not fully tighten the pulley yet!
5- Visually align both pulleys until they are in a straight line.
6- Install the drive belt. Start by putting the belt on the smaller pulley, then the larger one. Turn the handle until the belt is installed. Caution: Don't pinch your fingers!
7- With the belt installed, and both pulleys in a straight line, you can now tighten the pulleys using the Allen wrench fittings.
8- Make sure the drive belt is not too tight. This will make the unit hard to turn. If you must adjust the belt, loosen the drive bearing nuts slightly. Adjust the bearings a bit until the belt is properly tensioned. Re-tighten the bearing nuts.
9-When the pulleys and drive belt are installed, and tightened properly, the unit should operate very smoothly. If there is a wobble, the parts may need to be re-adjusted.
10-For best results, crank the wheel whenever you are operating an appliance. This will help keep the battery from getting too low. Do not drain the battery! The ac inverter supplied with your unit will sound an alarm when the battery is too low to operate efficiently. You must recharge the battery to the proper level before reusing your generator.
Caution: Risk of pinching. Risk of shock. Keep away from children and pets!
For Bicycle Pedaling
1- Remove the drive belt from the pulleys. Caution: Don't pinch your fingers!
2- Align the 3" generator pulley to the bicycle tire. Using an Allen wrench, loosen the Allen fitting on the pulley. IMPORTANT This is the Allen fitting nearest to you, not the one nearest to the generator! Turn the adjustable pulley in or out, until the desired width is achieved for the bicycle tire.
3- Restrain the generator case so it doesn't move. A rubber bungee strap can be useful!
4- Pedal at will!
Caution: Risk of pinching. Risk of shock. Keep away from children and pets!
Wiring instructions
The Crank-a-Watt(TM) is equipped with a rectifier that converts ac current to dc current. Dc current is used for charging batteries. Do not operate the unit without the rectifier. Do not plug the unit directly into a wall outlet. The rectifier and battery cables(supplied) are marked with a +(positive) and a -(negative). These go to the positive and negative on your battery. Install the battery cables to their corrisponding terminals only. Do not allow the interior contents of the Crank a Watt to become wet!
Installing the power inverter
If your unit is supplied with an inverter, connect the POS. (+) RED, and NEG. (-) BLACK leads from the inverter to the positive and negative on the battery. You may now plug 120 volt household appliances into the inverter. Caution: If you install the battery cables improperly to the NEG.(-) and POS.(+) battery connections, it will blow the fuse inside the power inverter! The inverter must be opened to change the fuse. Consult instructions. Remember to crank the handle whenever drawing a load from the generator and battery! Do not allow the interior contents of the Crank a Watt to become wet! 
Notice: Do not drain the battery! The ac inverter supplied with your unit will sound an alarm when the battery is too low to operate efficiently. You must recharge the battery to the proper level before reusing your generator.
Important Battery info: All Crank-a-Watt(TM) models are designed to be portable and self contained. Therefore, the battery must be powerful, yet small enough to fit into the case. Our engineers have specified the Interstate Brand (or equal), lead acid tractor-lawn-utility battery. Although they are not considered deep cycle batteries, they are very robust and good quality products. They operate in an excellent temperature range and are typically 145 cold cranking amps @ 12 volts, which is quite suitable for your Crank-a-Watt(TM) generator. Additionally, a deep cycle battery is not required because the ac inverter supplied with your unit will sound an alarm when the battery is too low to operate efficiently. You must recharge the battery to the proper level before reusing your generator. The battery can be purchased at Home Depot, Lowe's, Sears etc. The battery cables included with your Crank-a-Watt(TM) are compatible with this style of battery. The battery voucher value is intended to cover the entire cost of the battery and "core" charge. Due to fluctuating battery prices, we can't guarantee the exact price of the battery.

*For best results do not operate your generator below 11.8 volts.


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